The Sole Winner of the $168.5 Million Powerball Jackpot Has Been Revealed

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The Powerball lottery is considered to be the largest lottery in the entire world. Due to such high prizes and stakes, it is the most played and vastly known lottery in the entire United States of America.

At present, it is being played in 42 different states of the United States where it is constantly making millionaires. Some people are even lucky enough to become billionaires through the Powerball lottery jackpots.

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With the passage of time, the number of mega-draws for the Powerball lottery has experienced a significant increase. In the past, there used to be a maximum of 2 or 3 mega-draws in an entire year for Powerball.

However, with time, the number has increased from 2 to 3 draws to 4 to 5 draws. This provides players more opportunities to win grand prizes and jackpots that can go up to billions of dollars.

Just recently, the Florida Lottery has revealed the details of the Powerball Jackpot Prize-winning ticket for the draw that was held back on August 12, 2020. The winner matching all 5 sets of the numbers was able to bag a jackpot prize of $168.5 Million.

As per the Florida Lottery, the jackpot prize for the Powerball rolled 17 times since June 13, 2020. It generated a whole figure of $16.5 Million for the noble cause. The funds ($16.5 Million) generated by the Powerball draw went towards the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund (EETF).

As for now, the Florida Lottery has revealed the name and address of the store where the jackpot prize-winning ticket was sold from.

The Florida Lottery revealed that the ticket that has won the $168.5 Million Powerball Jackpot Prize was sold from Publix Super Market. The particular Publix Super Market that sold the lucky ticket is located at 4770 North Congress Avenue (Boynton Beach).

The Florida Lottery also confirmed that the owner of the Publix Super Market will also be receiving a bonus commission of $100,000 for selling the Jackpot Prize Winning Ticket.

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