A Woman Stops By To Pick Up Dinner but Picks Up Way More Than That


Almost every day we get to hear that someone from a different county ended up winning a jackpot prize. With time, this kind of news becomes boring because we always know that there will be a winner for the jackpot prizes.

However, what makes the jackpot prize wins more interesting is the stories and the build-ups that lead to people bagging the wins. Just recently, the Florida Lottery has revealed the story of a woman who ended up winning a jackpot prize.

As always, the scratch-off games offered by the Florida Lottery continue to make numerous people millionaires. Ever since the launch of the scratch-off lottery games by the Florida Lottery, things have never been the same.

Now, there are thousands of people winning handsome prizes and some even winning the jackpot prizes. The lives of the people are constantly changing and taking a turn for the best every single day.

The same thing happened with Pamela Lavigne as reported by the Florida Lottery. Pamela Lavigne is a senior citizen (aged 61) from Southport. The old lady ended up winning a jackpot prize of $1 million from one of the scratch-off games offered by the Florida Lottery.

The name of the game is ‘The Fastest Road to $1,000,000’ scratch-off. The winner decided to go with the one-time lump sum prize of $790,000 and claimed her prize from Florida Lottery’s headquarters. The headquarters for the Florida Lottery is located in Tallahassee.

Now comes the best part of the lottery prize win that is the story told by the winner. The 61-year-old Pamela Lavigne told her prize-winning story with great enthusiasm. She stated that she was heading home and on the way, she decided to pick up food for her family from one of the grocery stores.

While at the store, she saw the display for the scratch-off lottery game and decided to test her luck. She took the ticket and decided to scratch it off in her car. She said that her heart-beat got faster with every step she took towards her car.

When she rested in her car seat, she started to scratch off the ticket and couldn’t believe her eyes at the start. As she scratched through the entire ticket, she was shocked to see that she had matched all five sets of numbers for the jackpot prize.

The Florida Lottery later confirmed that Pamela Lavigne had purchased the ticket from the Winn-Dixie grocery store. The store is located at 1812 South Highway 77 (Lynn Haven).

The Florida Lottery has confirmed that the Winn-Dixie grocery store will also be receiving a bonus commission of $2,000 for selling the jackpot prize-winning ticket.

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