A Man from Miami-Dade County Wins $2 Million Prize from Powerball Ticket


The Florida Lottery is back again with another announcement of a huge win that has recently been claimed by one of the luckiest players in Florida. As always, the Florida Lottery is continuing with its trend of giving away huge prizes to millions of players all across the country.

This time again, the Florida Lottery has provided another lucky player from Florida in winning a huge prize. The lottery officials have revealed that the game that the player played to win the huge amount was none other than the Powerball Lottery.

The name of the prize-winning player is Everett Kurtz who is a 68-year-old woman living in Miami-Dade. The player participated in the January 23rd, 2021 draw with the Powerball Lottery ticket and bag huge prize money.

The ticket that Kurtz had managed to win all five lucky numbers from the draw except for the red Powerball. Still, the player managed to win $2 million from the Powerball game and is now one of the luckiest players in the year 2021.

The player secured her ticket at the dropbox that is located at the Miami District Office.

The Florida Lottery has also revealed that the player had purchased the lottery ticket from 7-Eleven Store. The store is located at 20361 Old Cutler Road in Cutler Bay and will also be receiving a bonus commission for selling the prize-winning ticket.

The operators have thanked the particular store and congratulated them for producing a millionaire out of their lottery customers. As advised earlier, the owner of the 7-Eleven store will be receiving a $5,000 bonus commission for selling the lucky ticket.

The player was extremely excited and thrilled when he turned up at the lottery headquarters to claim his prize money. Kurtz stated that the year 2020 has been really harsh and rough on the entire country. Due to the pandemic, many ended up losing their sole sources of income and were forced to work on very low wages.

She stated that she was also among the group of people who ended up losing almost everything due to the pandemic. For her, the Christmas and New Year Holidays were nothing but some normal weekend holidays. She had no funds or money to celebrate either of the occasions because she was worried about how she was going to survive through the next year.

With time, she ended up losing all her habits but decided to keep one and that was to keep playing lottery games. It finally worked wonders for her and now she is going to spend many years with ease. The money has given her a fresh start with warm pockets and she plans on start a small business of her own with the money.

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