A Man from Padstow won $200,000 playing the Lott


The Lott team is here again with another huge announcement about a player who has won $200,000 playing one of its popular games. The Lott officials have revealed that the player that won the $200,000 prize money had played the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot game. The particular game the player opted for was for the draw number 1526.

The particular draw for the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot had been held on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. The ticket that the man from Padstow had purchased made him win the 1st prize for a whopping $200,000 figure.

The player had reportedly purchased the lucky 1st prize-winning ticket from Padstow Newsagency that is located at 6 Padstow Parade, Padstow.

The lottery officials stated that it took them more than the usual amount of attempts before they were able to get a hold of the winner and deliver the exciting news to him.

The player informed that initially, it was his daughter who kept hanging up the phone thinking it was the wrong number or some scammer. The winner stated that her daughter hung up the phone for the last time, he asked her who it was and she said she had no clue.

She told him it was someone from the same number who kept calling again and again. That is when he felt like answering the phone himself if the phone rang again. This is when he answered the phone and was informed by the lottery officials he had won the prize.

Initially, he was not able to believe what he was hearing as he had never thought of winning more than a thousand dollars. But this was huge and more than what he could digest in a single go. When he regained his consciousness, he thanked the lottery officials and told them he would visit the office to collect his money.

Then he told his daughter about it and they both were glad that they hadn’t missed the call. The winner informed that ever since his wife passed away, he and his daughter have never been much energetic. They have been very down ever since his wife died due to natural causes and have been trying to cope with her demise.

However, his daughter has always tried to stay strong but he knows how much she misses her. The player stated that they needed to get out of their daily routine in order to have some entertainment in their lives.

Therefore, he is going to take his daughter on many trips around the country. He stated that if the conditions allow, he plans on taking his daughter for a trip to Europe.

He will also be spending money on his daughter’s education and get her a new car when she starts going to college.

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