Prizes worth $401,000 Still Unclaimed – List Released by Minnesota Lottery

At present, majority of the people around the world are in a constant state of moving with aims to have a better living and life-style. Majority of the people around the world have been doing the same but still they are not able to fully achieve their goals and ambitions.

At the end of the day, such people end up losing hope and confidence when things do not end up going in their favor. This is when the lottery industry attracts people who want to have a better life as well as a better life-style. now

Although the odds of winning lottery games are really low, yet people end up winning the prizes. However, the lottery officials at Minnesota Lottery are now going to share the story of five lottery prizes that are still waiting to be claimed.

As per the lottery officials, these lottery prizes ranged from the start of March 2020, to all the way up to March of 2021. The teams at Minnesota Lottery are looking for the rightful owner of the prize money and have them over the money.

The Minnesota Lottery officials have segregated the prize winning tickets as per the lottery games that are played all over the country.

The Minnesota Lottery team has confirmed that the first two tickets were for the Raffle lottery game. Both tickets reportedly managed to win $100,000 each for playing the random tickets. The ticket for the first $100,000 prize winning ticket was sold from Holiday #4064, which is located at 410 Tenth Avenue, SE (Milaca).

Then the second $100,000 prize winning ticket was sold from the Kwik Trip store that is located at 105 2nd Street South, Sartell. The Lottery team has confirmed that both players have time until January of 2022 to turn up and claim their prizes.

Then there are three particular lottery prizes that are for the Powerball Lottery game. The officials have revealed that the first particular store is located at Kwik Trip #570. The particular store is located at 8090 County Road, Rockford.

The second ticket sold by the Joe’s Market store that is located at 1828 Como Avenue Southeast, Minneapolis. The third and the last ticket for Powerball lottery is Kwik Trip #812. The particular store is located at 1756 Bunker Lake Boulevard North West.

The officials have confirmed that all of the above mentioned stores sold tickets that were worth $50,000 each. The first ticket has the deadline for claiming the prize by October 24, 2021, the second winner needs to show up and claim their prize by September 1, 2021. As for the third one, the player needs to show up by January 20, 2022 to claim the prize.

Then there are two prizes for Northstar Cash where one ticket has won $26,000 and the other has won $25,000. The store that sold the $26k ticket was Kwik Trip, located at 14730 Victor Hugo Blvd Hugo. The other store is the Morris Food Shop, which is located at 300 Atlantic Avenue, Morris. The $26k prize winning player has to show up by January 21, 2022 to claim the prize while the second player needs to do it by January 22, 2022.

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