A Couple Playing National Lottery wins £10,000 a Month for Life


Just imagine how you would react if someone came up to you and said that you are given £10,000 for life. Firstly, something like this is impossible to happen and secondly, if it does, then it would be a dream come true.

This is exactly the kind of story the National Lottery is here today to share and shock the entire cryptocurrency community from around the world.

National Lottery is just like a state-run lottery in the United States and tends to offer huge opportunities to lottery players in the UK and Ireland.

The National Lottery has been around for more than 2 decades and has been giving many opportunities to players in winning huge prizes. Just like the EuroMillions, the National Lottery tends to pay out huge prizes. One of the largest and top prizes ever given away by the National Lottery is more than £183 million.

This time, the National Lottery is going to share the story of a couple from Hucknall, which is near Nottingham. The couple (Laura and Kirk) are now one of the luckiest couples in Hucknall to have won such a unique blessing in the form of a lifetime prize money.

The main character in the winning story presented by the National Lottery is Laure whose lucky ticket ended up winning her such handsome prize money.

The officials have confirmed that Laura had gone for the “Set for Life” game that is powered by the National Lottery. According to the officials, the player has won a prize of £10,000 per month for the next 30-years. Initially, Laura could not believe her ears when she was confirmed about her prize and was filled with joy throughout her business meetings.

Laura stated that she has been playing the Set for Life game for the past 2 years, ever since it launched back in 2019. From the start until now, she had won some prizes here and there but none of them were as big as this one.

Laura stated that the ticket she had purchased for the Set for Life game was for the draw held on March 1, 2021. She was lucky as her ticket ended up matching all five lucky numbers as well as the final “Life” number that sealed the deal for her.

As a result, the player will now be receiving £10,000 per month and that is going to continue until 30 years have been completed.

The couple has already gotten their hands on a new Porsche Cayenne and is going for long drives with the two pet dogs. The couple stated that they will be starting their own businesses in the coming months and hope, they will be able to make the best out of the prize.

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