A Man from Virginia Beach wins it Big Playing Cash 5 with EZ Match


The Virginia Lottery is back with yet another huge announcement around one of its most played lottery draw games, Cash 5. Now, the name of the game has been changed to Cash 5 with EZ Match. However, it still offers the same winning opportunities as it did in the past.

The teams at the Virginia lottery are very excited that every week, many players manage to change their lives. The prize monies people win through the lottery games powered by the Virginia lottery are able to make a difference in people’s lives.

Despite the criticism, the lottery games tend to offer one of the most unique opportunities to people in making a huge difference. People play lottery games to change their luck and even if they do not win much at times, they still have hope of winning more.

Since the year 2020, the lottery games have gained even more popularity and adoption. The major reason behind the lottery games’ success is that despite the economic conditions, the lottery games still offer the same opportunities.

Although the global economy has steered in a negative direction since the pandemic, the lottery business has been booming. The lottery games from all over the United States and other countries have experienced tremendous spikes in terms of sales and participation.

This is the reason why even the prize monies have started increasing with every passing draw. The lottery business is constantly creating newer opportunities for the players to win huge prizes.

This time, the Virginia lottery has Thomas Holman’s story to tell who has won it big playing the Cash 5 with EZ match. The Cash 5 ticket Holman purchased let him participate in the April 26 lottery draw.

The lucky draw numbers for the April 26th draw were 21-19-18-17-14. The ticket ended up matching all five numbers and won him prize money of $120,000 in the process. It was revealed that the player had selected four numbers manually and let the computer choose the last (5th) number for him.

Luckily, even the computer chose the number that helped him win the jackpot prize money and now Holman has $120,000 extra that he needs to fit into his budget.

Thomas Holman revealed he had purchased the lucky Cash 5 with an EZ Match ticket from Wawa Store. The location of the particular Wawa store is 2954 Virginia Beach Boulevard.

Thomas Holman has reported that he has no early plans for the prize money but he is definitely going to have some. The player did reveal that he plans to pay off his bills with the money he has won playing the Cash 5 with EZ Match.

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