Lucky Woman from North Carolina wins $1,000,000 playing $31,000,000 Payout Game


The Virginia Lottery is proud to bring the story of Amber Boyd who is among the luckiest women playing the lottery games. The VA lottery officials have revealed that Amber Boyd is a resident of Oxford, North Carolina.

According to the lottery officials, Amber Boyd had no idea she was even going to play a lottery game. However, things started working out in a completely different manner and now she is a millionaire.

The lottery officials have confirmed that out of the blue, Amber Boyd went for a scratch card game powered by the VA lottery. The name of the game is $31,000,000 Payout, and it is one of the most popular and widely played games in Virginia.

The VA team has revealed that Amber Boyd had purchased the ticket from the Simmons Travel Center. To her surprise, one of the tickets ended up winning her a $1,000,000 prize and now, she has a new life waiting for her.

The operator is extremely excited about Amber Boyd as she was able to win huge prize money in her first attempt at the scratch card games.

The player informed that she plays Virginia lottery games on a regular basis. She stated that as per her, she is one of the hardcore Virginia lottery players. She is subscribed and connected with the Virginia lottery no matter the social media platform or channel.

She stated that she has even joined the Virginia lottery’s Facebook page where the platform shares its weekly updates. The Facebook page also features the launch of new games and prizes for the lottery players.

That is where she stumbled upon the $31,000,000 Payout scratch-card game. Boyd told the officials that the second she set her eyes on the game’s advertisement, she knew she had to play the game. For some reason, she had a feeling that she was going to win something from the particular game.

Amber Boyd informed the lottery officials that she had never played a scratch-card game in the past. She was always a lottery draw kind of player and always preferred trying her luck/fortune there.

However, this time, she had a feeling that she had to try and play the game, so she did. She went straight for the Simmons Travel Center, Bracey, and bought herself a few tickets for the $31,000,000 Payout game.

She came back home and scratched them all, but did not react in the first place. She went through all the tickets and then sat in a state of awe, and shock.

She had actually won a million-dollar prize from one of the scratch-card tickets but she knew how to react to it. Boyd told the officials that she currently has no plans of how she is going to spend her money.

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