A Million Dollar Cash 5 Lottery Ticket Sold in Beaver County (USA)


When it comes to offering lotteries to millions of people in the country, there is no match for the Pennsylvania Lottery. The PA Lottery has been in action since 1972 and has been giving opportunities to millions of residents from Pennsylvania to become rich and millionaires.

The Pennsylvania Lottery has the honor of offering numerous lottery games either in the form of draw games or scratch-off games. While other lotteries hold draws once a week, the PA Lottery has a draw every single day.

Therefore, the players have the chance of buying tickets on one day and winning a prize the very next day.

However, one of the biggest obstacles that the lottery games have to face is unclaimed prizes. Every year, there are numerous lottery prizes that remain unclaimed and are then sent over to charities.

The PA Lottery has been facing this problem for a very long time. It feels sorry for the players who spend their money, end up winning a prize, but fail to claim them. As a result, it also drives uncertainty into the players and people who start doubting the authenticity of the lotteries.

Despite the winners have a year’s time to claim their prize, there are still many prizes that remain unclaimed. If they remain unclaimed for a year, then these prizes are sent over to noble causes and lotteries in the process.

This time, the PA Lottery has revealed the details of a lottery prize that was drawn on January 4, 2021, and is yet to be claimed. The PA Lottery has confirmed that the ticket sold was for the Cash 5 Lottery game.

The PA Lottery has confirmed that the million-dollar jackpot prize-winning ticket has been purchased in Beaver County.

The name of the store that sold the jackpot prize-winning ticket is CoGo’s, which is located at 2399 Duss Avenue, Ambridge. The store will be winning a bonus incentive of $5,000 for selling the jackpot ticket.

The lucky numbers that were drawn from the 4th January draw were 07-16-21-23-27 and the jackpot ticket matched all five of them.

The PA Lottery has confirmed that the winners are validated once the draw has taken place. If a player comes to know that they have won a million-dollar prize, they need to call the PA Lottery office at 1-800-692-7481 for further information.

The PA Lottery has also revealed the shocking number of lottery players who ended up winning prizes from the particular draw. It has confirmed that there were more than 58,800 players that have won different prizes from the draw.

Therefore, the lottery officials have urged the players to check their tickets regularly and see if they have won something or not.

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