A Lucky Woman Wins a Huge Prize from Instant Scratch Ticket


For decades, the lottery games in Australia have been contributing a lot to keep the morale of the people high. No matter the crisis or hardships, the people of Australia know that they can always try their luck with the lotteries. At present, there are a bunch of lotteries that are contributing to the Australian community but “The Lott” is on a whole different level.

Ever since its launch, The Lott has been playing a huge role in helping the Australian people to win prizes and follow their wishes. The Lott has been around since 1917, which makes it older than a century now. By now, The Lott has launched a number of instant scratch and draw-based lottery games.

The Lott has been increasing its product and gaming catalog with every passing year. One of the most prominent and widely played games offered by The Lott is the “Instant Scratch-Its” game. It allows the players to buy the ticket and scratch it off to see if they have won something or not. The players do not have to buy and then wait for days or weeks for the draws to take place to see if they have won a prize or not.

This time, The Lott is bringing forth the story of a retiree woman who is a resident of Edgeworth who was lucky enough to win AUD$10,000. The win came as a huge surprise for the player as she had no idea it would ever happen to her.

The player informed that as Christmas Day was approaching, she decided to give some gifts to her loved ones. She said that due to the pandemic, everyone is facing a lot of financial crises and she is no different. Therefore, instead of purchasing gifts for her loved ones, she could only afford a few hundred dollars.

The winner told the lottery officials that she decided to purchase a bunch of “Instant Scratch-It” tickets to wish her loved one’s good luck. She had readied presents for all her family members and she was left with one. Therefore, she decided to keep it for herself and scratch it on Christmas Day.

To the player’s surprise, the ticket had prize money of AUD$10,000. She said that she could not believe her eyes and was fully shocked. Then she went to the store to get it scanned to see if she was correct.

The store where the player purchased the ticket is Edgeworth Newsagency and the address for the store is Shop 9, 720 Main Road (Edgeworth).

The winner informed that with the prize money, she plans to go on holiday to Southern Australia. The player said that she will also buy her granddaughter a present from the prize money.

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