A Prize-Winning Ticket for New Year’s Millionaire Raffle Sold in Allegheny County


The year 2020 turned out to be full of dullness, tensions, and worries for the entire world. When it was time to say goodbye to the year 2020, there were many who did not want to celebrate the New Year. Things have been really tough on the entire world’s population and economy. Therefore, the world was not ready to welcome the year 2021 with as much enthusiasm and love as the rest.

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However, the Pennsylvania Lottery is determined and ready to face all the challenges and problems. This is why the lottery wanted to welcome the New Year with a blast. It wants to show the world that no matter how depressing and hopeless the situation may become, there is always a way to find happiness.

This is why Pennsylvania Lottery kicked off the New Year with a Millionaire Raffle game for its players. This game also marks the seventh installment for PA Lottery’s recently launched $100,000 Weekly Drawing Prize.

It has been advised by the Pennsylvania Lottery that the $100,000 Weekly Drawing will lead up to the jackpot prize of $1,000,000 that is to take place in mid-January.

The PA Lottery has announced that the $100,000 ticket for the particular draw has been sold in Allegheny County. It has been confirmed by the PA Lottery that the number of the ticket that has won the $100,000 prize is 00267607.

The PA Lottery has revealed that this number has been drawn randomly from a total of 70,700 Millionaire Raffle tickets. The tickets for the particular draw were sold between December 15, 2020, and December 21, 2020.

The PA Lottery has also revealed the name and the address of the store that sold the Millionaire Raffle ticket. The particular store that sold the lucky ticket is the Puff Discount Tobacco. The Puff Discount Tobacco is located at 1722 Greensburg Avenue, North Versailles (Allegheny County).

The PA Lottery has also announced how the players for the Millionaire Raffle draws can check if they have won a prize or not. The players can either use the ticket checker that is available on PA Lottery’s official website or get the ticket scanned from the lottery retailer.

The lottery has announced that if the player wants to claim their winning of $100,000, then they need to visit PA Lottery’s website and set up an appointment. Then the winner needs to visit PA Lottery’s local office and claim the prize. The PA Lottery has announced that its headquarters in Middletown is still closed to the public.

The PA Lottery gives its winners one year time to show up and claim their prize but it encourages the winners to turn up and claim their prize money at the earliest.

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