A resident from Kingston Wins $2 Million Playing Ontario 49


The Ontario 49 officials are here to talk about a lucky player who has recently earned a fortune and must be having the best time of his life. The lottery officials are really excited about the player becoming a multi-millionaire overnight.

The Ontario 49 officials are really excited about sharing the story of the winner and how he landed multi-million prize money playing the game.

According to the Ontario 49 team, the name of the winner is Ronald Lloyd, a resident from Kingston. Lloyd now has another status added to his citizenship being a resident of Kingston. Lloyd is now a multi-millionaire in Kingston with a beautiful house.

The officials have revealed that Ronald Lloyd had participated in the September 8, 2021 lottery draw for the Ontario 49 game. Luckily for Ronald Lloyd, it was going to be the best game of his life until September 8, which helped him win a huge prize. The player reportedly won prize money worth $2 million playing the game and now he will be able to share his winning store with his grandchildren.

The officials have revealed that Ronald has been an adventurer when it comes to lottery games. He has played almost every lottery game being offered in Canada and has been doing it for a couple of decades.

Ronald had tried almost every game but never scored a significant prize win. Finally, the situation turned out to be in his favor when he decided to switch to Ontario 49. The scenario completely changed for him and now, he is among the richest Canadians that have won millions playing lottery games.

Ronald was extremely excited about his win and revealed that like many other players, he had also thought he had won a small prize. Ronald revealed that initially, he thought he had won $2,000 only. However, when he visited the store thinking he could claim the prize money from there, he was asked by the store cashier to contact Ontario 49 directly.

That is when the news of winning $2 million was broken to him by the Ontario 49 representatives. The player visited the lottery head office and claimed his prize money from there. He also revealed that he is determined to continue playing the lottery games until he is unable to.

Ronald stated that playing lottery games has become part of his life and he can no longer cross out lottery games from his life ever.

Ronald informed the lottery officials that he is going to buy a new house with the money he has won. Then he is going to go for a world tour and visit all the countries he has only seen on television.

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