A Syndicate of Six Members have won a $1 Million Prize Playing Lotto 6/49


The Lotto 6/49 is back again with a huge announcement that involves a number of players. The officials have revealed that all the players are part of the same draw and the same prize. The officials have revealed that after such a long time, the players have decided to reveal themselves to claim their prize money.

According to the lottery officials, the prize money had been won back in July but there wasn’t any update from the players. However, the players finally did make contact with the officials and the status of the prize money has been updated to “claimed”.

The officials have revealed that all players winning the particular prize were part of the same group (syndicate). All six players are part of the same syndicate and they got to split the prize money equally among each other.

The lottery team has revealed that the particular syndicate had taken part in the lottery draw for Lotto 6/49 that took place on July 14, 2021.

The members of the syndicate revealed that they had been close friends since childhood until they grew old and went after their careers. They all ended up living in different cities in Canada and they started playing lottery games to stay connected.

For years, they had played the game-winning small prizes every now and then. Finally, true fortune came their way and they ended up winning prize money worth $1,000,000. After winning the million-dollar prize, the players have split the money, taking home $125,000 each.

This is a huge win for all the members and they are going to change their lives forever. The players revealed that they had huge plans to take care of and they were going to do it together.

The players informed the lottery officials that they are going to take a break from their work for a month or two and go for a world tour.

The officials have also revealed the names of the players and the areas they are from. The name of the first winner is Michael Fiorentino who is a resident of Oakville. The name of the second winner is Alan Ogaki who is a resident from Mississauga.

The name of the third winner is Batch Manalo who is a resident of Ajax. The name of the fourth winner is Bruna Franceschini who is a resident of Toronto. The name of the fifth winner is Maria Castelli who is a resident of Toronto as well. The name of the sixth winner is Nancy Webster, who is also a resident of Whitby.

The prize-winning ticket had been purchased by Michael Fiorentino from Oakville from Petro Canada located on Dundas Street, Oakville.

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