A Lucky EuroMillions Player from Wicklow Wins €500,000


The EuroMillions lottery team is here to talk about the latest winner of the recent draw that took place for the game. The officials have revealed that the lucky winner is a resident from Wicklow who has won half a million euros playing the EuroMillions game.

The officials have confirmed that they won’t be able to share the name of the winner because of an anonymity request from the winner. However, they are allowed to share non-personal details about the win as well as the story that the player had to share.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the winner had participated in the EuroMillions Plus draw that had taken place on Wednesday, October 27, 2021. From the draw, the player was fortunate enough to have met all the numbers on the ticket and won the top prize money worth €500,000.

The player revealed that it was the first time ever in his life that he had purchased an online ticket for EuroMillions. He had not thought about it in a million years that he would end up winning €500 million playing the game online for the first time.

Right after the draw took place and the Wicklow player was confirmed the top prize winner, communication attempts were made with him. The EuroMillions officials sent the winner an email as well as a notification on his attached mobile number.

The officials proactively took care of all the things from their end making sure that they did their part. Their top priority was to make sure that the player was contacted as early as possible. It was done to make sure that the player becomes aware of his win right away.

Just like all other major lottery games, the EuroMillions also aims to ensure that all high prize winners are contacted about their wins. It ensures that the players collect their prize money in time before it gets too late.

Fortunately, the player did show up to claim his €500,000 prize money, which is now a life-changer for the player. The player revealed to the officials that he had been playing the EuroMillions game for a really long time.

However, he always purchased the tickets from a physical store. However, when his son visited last week, he asked him to do it online. This way, he won’t have to drag himself to the store just for a ticket and do it through online channels.

For the winner, his son was a lucky charm whose advice really did work out for him in the best possible way. The winner revealed that he is going to buy his son a new car, which he would do to thank his son for his advice.

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