A Woman from the Eastern Shore Plays Cash 5 Game for the Virginia Lottery and Bags a $100,000 Prize


One of the top prize winners of the Cash 5 lottery game was very excited about her recent big win. Phillis Smith of the Eastern Shore won a prize of $100,000 from the Cash 5 game.  The player stated that she could not believe her eyes when she came to know that she had won the $100k prize.

As per her, when she saw the ticket and matched the numbers, she went numb for some time. It took her a lot of strength to control her excitement and start moving again.

The draw she played for with the Cash 5 game from the Virginia lottery was held on 25th of October, 2020. The player matched all five sets of the lucky numbers from the draw and hit the jackpot prize of $100,000.

Phillis Smith told the lottery team that she still cannot believe that she has won the prize. She added that for her it was like a dream come true while claiming the prize from the lottery office.

She told the lottery team where she had bought the prize winning Cash 5 lottery game ticket from. Ms. Smith bought the ticket from the Stuckey’s, which is located at 14439 Lankford Highway (Mappsville).

Ms. Smith was able to match all of sets of the lucky numbers draw that were 01-02-07-15-18. She stated that the numbers she put on the ticket were from a book that she had saw once.

Ms. Smith stated that she currently has no particular plans as to where she will be using her winning.

The Cash 5 game has recently been upgraded to a Cash 5 game with an EZ Match. As per the new update, the initial jackpot prize of the game begins at $100,000 and keeps growing in value until it has been won.

The draws for the Cash 5 game with EZ match take place every night at 11:00 PM. The Virginia lottery was approved by the voters from Virginia back in 1987. Since then, the Virginia lottery has been generating an amount worth more than $1.6 million every day. The generated amount goes towards the K-12 public schools from Virginia.

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