A Newport News Man’s Luck Turns Bright Winning Him $100,000 Jackpot Prize on One of the Unluckiest Days


Although, Friday the 13th is considered to be one of the unluckiest days in the society, for one person it turned out to be the luckiest. The person even fought off all the odds of the running year 2020 and succeeded in bringing a change to his life.

The last Friday (13th of November, 2020) turned out to be the luckiest for the player who ended up winning a $100k jackpot prize.

The name of the jackpot prize winner is Jason Pickens who currently lives in Newport News. The player stated that he bought the jackpot prize winning scratch-off ticket on the same day. The player claims he scratched the ticket just to find out that he had won a jackpot prize of $100,000.

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The scratch-off ticket that Jason purchased belongs to the Holiday Luck X15 lottery. Jason stated when he scratched-off the ticket and saw he had matched all the numbers; he could not believe his eyes. The player told that he looked at the ticket and the numbers over and over to confirm if he had actually won the prize.

The winner of the $100k Holiday Luck X15 lottery prize has revealed that he purchased the ticket from Food Lion. He also revealed the location of the store where he had purchased the ticket from. He confirmed that the Food Lion is located at 12917 Jefferson Avenue (Newport News).

The Holiday Luck X15 is not the only scratch-off lottery game that is currently supported by the Virginia Lottery. There are currently around 15 scratch-off lottery games currently offered by the Virginia Lottery.

The prizes for the Holiday Luck X15 lottery game range from $5 to $100k. However, $100,000 is the highest/top prize for the Holiday Luck X15 lottery. Apart from Jason, there are currently three more prizes for the $100k prize jackpot waiting to be claimed.

The Virginia Lottery has revealed that at present, the odds of winning the $100k jackpot prize for the Holiday Luck X15 lottery game are 1 in 1,530,000.

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