The PA Lottery Has announced that a Cash 5 lottery Ticket That Won more than $407,000 Has Been Sold in Lancaster County


The Cash 5 lottery has yet again helped a Pennsylvanian fulfill his dreams and desires. Although it is not in millions but still, the player managed to win a prize worth hundreds of thousand dollars in the jackpot.

Living up to their reputation for being noble and courteous, the PA lottery has again revealed the information of the lottery winning player and their whereabouts.

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With hopes of finding the winner as soon as possible and giving out the prize, the PA lottery has revealed the county and store details of the winner.

The PA lottery has announced that the winner for the Cash 5 lottery prize winning ticket is a resident of the Lancaster County. The store that sold the top prize winning ticket is Turkey Hill. The PA lottery has also mentioned the location of the store that sold the Cash 5 lottery prize winning ticket.

The location of the store is 1490 Stony Battery Road (Lancaster). Furthermore, the owner of the Turkey Hill store will be receiving a bonus commission. The bonus commission of $500 will be given out to the lottery winning ticket selling store.

The Cash 5 lottery winning ticket for $407,000 belongs to the Cash 5 lottery draw that took place on November 16, 2020. The ticket managed to match all 5 of the set of numbers that are 06-09-17-19-23.

The PA lottery has revealed that the number of the Cash 5 lottery winners for the Monday (16 November) draw is staggering. For the particular draw, there were more than 30,000 Cash 5 lottery players who ended up winning different prizes.

Therefore, the PA lottery has encouraged all players for the Cash 5 lottery to check their tickets on a daily basis.

For the winners of the Cash 5 lottery, they have a time period of 1 year to claim the prize once the draw has taken place. In order to claim the prize, the winners can either visit the nearest lottery office to claim the prize. Or, they can call the support line 1-800-692-7481 for further instructions and guidelines.

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