New York Lottery Has Reported That a Take Five Ticket That Won the Top Prize Was Sold in Queens


It seems that now the residents from New York have started catching up to the lotteries from other states. There are now players being announced by the New York lottery as well on a daily basis. Thousands of people are making huge amounts of money all across the state.

One particular player of the Take Five Lottery just got lucky as he ended up winning the top prize. However, the winner is yet to make an appearance to claim the prize. As part of the noble practice, the New York lottery has released necessary information so it can be made easier to identify the player.

It has been seen that many times people who have won jackpots or huge prizes miss out on them. It happens because the players forget they ever bought a ticket and before they realize they have won, it is already too late.

Therefore, in order to encourage the players to check their tickets, the lotteries from all across the United States release the name of the county or borough where the ticket is sold from. Furthermore, the lottery also reveals the name of the store and its location to narrow down the search.

This time, the top prize winner of the Take Five lottery is a resident of Queens in New York City. The NY Lottery has also revealed that the prize-winning ticket was sold from the Your Wholesome Food store. The store is located on 82-20 31st Avenue (East Elmhurst).

The draw for the particular ticket was held on November 12, 2020, and the top prize announced was $58,174.50.

The Take Five draw takes place every day at 11:21 pm and is also televised for viewership. When buying the ticket, the players have the option of choosing five sets of numbers from a range of 01 to 39.

For every player who wins a prize for the Take Five lottery, they have an ample amount of time to claim the prize. The time period for the winners to claim the prize is one entire year.

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