The Allegheny County’s Player has been revealed as the $100k Jackpot Prize Winner of the Cash 5 Lottery


It seems that almost every county and city in Pennsylvania has all of a sudden become lucky to win jackpot prizes. Almost every other day, a jackpot prize winner is being revealed by PA lottery from different counties in the state.

This time, the PA lottery has revealed the information of the $100k Jackpot prize winning ticket. The jackpot prize winning ticket of $100k belongs to the Cash 5 lottery. The PA lottery has revealed the county that has produced the lottery prize winning player.

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The jackpot prize winning player belongs to the Allegheny County. As per its tradition, the PA lottery has also revealed the name and the location of the store where the prize winning ticket was sold form.

The PA lottery has confirmed that the jackpot prize winning ticket was sold from Kuhn’s Quality Foods store. The Kuhn’s Quality Foods store is located on 745 W. Ingomar Road, Ingomar.

As stated by the PA lottery, the owner of the store will also be receiving a bonus commission. The bonus commission of $500 will be given out to the store’s owner for selling the prize winning ticket.

The prize winning 5 sets of numbers were drawn for the particular draw on Saturday, 7 November, 2020. That is where the Cash 5 jackpot prize winning 5 sets of numbers were drawn. The jackpot prize winning 5 sets of numbers are 05-13-30-31-35.

Apart from the jackpot prize winner, there are numerous players that have won different prizes from the same draw. The number of winners revealed by the PA lottery for the particular Cash 5 lottery draw are shocking.

The PA lottery revealed that there are a total of 16,000 other players that also won prizes of different amounts from the same Cash 5 lottery draw.

Once the draw has been held, the winners of the prizes have a time-period of 12 months to claim the prize. In order to claim the prize, the winners may visit the near lottery office for further guidance.

Any player from the PA can try his or her luck in the Cash 5 lottery by purchasing $1 ticket.

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