Man Wins $75,000 due to Gas Station’s Lack of Preferred Lottery Ticket


A Tennessee man ended up winning a lottery prize worth $75,000 in Kansas and said that he wouldn’t have purchased the winning ticket, if the gas station hadn’t run out of his preferred lottery game. Speaking to Kansas lottery officials, Brian Fox said that he had been on his annual hunting trip in the region when he stopped in Garnett to hit the Short Stop gas station for purchasing a pair of scratch-off lottery tickets. 

According to Fox, he had gone in with the aim of buying the Holiday Lucky Times tickets worth $5 and $ 10 both, but he found out that the store had run out of $10 version of the Holiday Lucky Times ticket. Therefore, he decided to make a change and bought the $10 Jewel Jackpot ticket in its place. He said that he started scratching the ticket while he was pumping the gas. Eventually, the card showed him three diamonds, which meant he had won $75,000. 

The winner disclosed that the first thing he had done upon discovery was text his wife to tell her about his good luck. Fox said that she had been truly shocked and didn’t really believe it until he had scanned the ticket at the gas station, where he was informed that he had to go to Topeka. He went on to say that the first thing he would do with his winnings was to pay off his remaining student loans. He said that he had no idea how it would feel to not have to worry about paying those anymore. He went on to say that anyone else could have won the prize and he was just grateful that it was him.

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