2017’s Jackpot Winner of Toto-Lotto’s 11.3 Million Euros Still Remains A Mystery, May Lose All On New Year’s Eve


Way back in the year 2017 State Toto-Lotto of Germany had drawn out its lottery results. While there were many lucky winners of different prize monies, yet there was also one jackpot prize winner. The prize money involved in the jackpot was not just big but extra huge – it was for 11.3 Million Euros.

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It was found out that someone from the historical German territory, Baden-Wurttemberg, had bought the winning ticket. Even though results were announced and duly publicized but no one came forward to claim this huge amount of money. The lotto then funded a search-team to carry find out who is the original beneficiary of Euros 11.3. However, many weeks and months had passed but the identity of the mysterious winner remained unrevealed.

It has been over three years now that the prize money hasn’t been claimed by its original winner. There is still some time left for the lucky winner to claim his or her prize. Once that end date is expired then there is no way that the winner could claim his or her prize.

Georg Wacker, director of the lotto, informed that they had ordered search of the winner but it went in vain. All they know is that the lucky winner had submitted the winning ticket to an authorized retail shop in Reutlingen. This meant that the winner was a resident of the city which currently has a population of 115,000 only.

However, till to date no one had come forward to claim his or her long pending prize money. Euros 11.3 Million are still awaiting its original beneficiary. Whoever is the winner, will need to come out now otherwise it will be too late to claim the prize.

If any prize remains unclaimed for a certain period, then the winner loses his right over the prize money. The amount unclaimed for is then taken back into the lottery for offering further rewards afresh.

The end time limit for claiming the long-pending prize money is before the end of New Year’s Eve. The dawn of January 1st will be the doomsday for the mysterious winner of Euros 11.3 (i.e. US$ 13.4 Million). Of course this is a one-time opportunity of lifetime which occurs to one out of millions.

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