Cash4Life Releases Winning Results for Most Recent Draws


The Cash4Life is here to share the winning details of two of the most recent Cash4Life lottery draws. Let us go through them and see if they have produced any top prize winners.

March 30, 2022 Winners

The winning numbers for the March 30 Cash4Life draw were 57-56-42-23-5 and the Cash ball was 1.

The March 30 draw for Cash4Life has reportedly produced a total of 57,565 winners of different prizes. The prize-winning details for the winners are as follows:

Tier-1 prize money for Cash4Life is $1,000 per day for life and unfortunately, no player emerged as the winner of the top prize. Tier-2 prize money is $1,000 per week for life and once again, there wasn’t any player who won the second-top prize either

Tier-3 prize money for Cash4Life is $2,500 and the particular draw produced 2 winners, winning $5,000 in total. Tier-4 prize money is $500 and it successfully produced 11 winners. These players have taken home a total of $5,500.

Tier-5 prize money is $100 and once again, a high number (252) of players claimed. A total amount of $25,200 has been paid out to these players. Tier-6 prize money is $25 and the particular tier blessed 863 participants, who took home a whopping $21,575.

Tier-7 prize money is $10 and it gave out $50,300 in total to 5,030 participants. Tier-8 prize money is $4 and 16,370 players were lucky enough to win $65,480 in total from the draw. Tier-9 prize money is $2 and it saw 35,037 players winning $70,074 in total.

March 31, 2022 Winners

Then comes March 31 draw for Cash4Life, and the winning numbers for the particular draw were 30-29-27-2-1 alongside the Cash ball (3).

The game produced no tier 1 or tier 2 winners so we will move on to the latter tiers, where the number of winners is much higher than the former draw.

The draw produced 8 winners who won $2,500 each and took home a total of $20,000. Then come 36 winners of the $500 each prize money, accumulating to $18,000.

Following the $500 (each) winners are 464 players who won the $100 prize money, managing to take home $46,400. The next round was for the $25 winners who were 1,360 in total and took home $34,000.

Then come the winners of the $10 prizes who managed to take home $79,260. Following the 7926 ($10) winners were the 22,911 ($4) winners who took home a total of $91,644. Then there were 47,840 participants who won $2 each and took home $95680 in total.

In total, both draw produced 138110 winners who took home a whopping amount of $628,113.00. This goes to show that even without the top tiers, Cash4Life gives out huge stacks of money to other partners.

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