$10 Million Prize Money for US Powerball Double Play Goes Unclaimed


For a long time, the US Powerball lottery officials have continued making announcements pertaining to lottery prize wins. The lottery game has always tried to spread positivity and joy among the entire lottery community and the loved ones of the winners through announcements.

Although the US Powerball lottery loves to keep such values intact, this time, the lottery officials have decided to make a detour. This time, the officials are not making an announcement regarding a prize claim or about a prize awaiting the winner. This time, the announcement is pertaining to a prize going unclaimed.

Surprisingly, it is not small prize money that the rightful winner hasn’t claimed. Instead, it is a $10 million prize money that went unclaimed even when the officials waited for the winner to turn up and claim it for an entire year. 

Details of the $10,000,000 Prize

The US Powerball officials have revealed that the $10,000,000 prize money was for the US Powerball’s “Double Play” draw held on September 27, 2021. The winning numbers for the September 27 (double-play) draw were 66-62-51-27-2 and the Powerball number was 1. 

The double-play draw offers the maximum prize money worth $10,000,000, which is considered the jackpot prize money for the particular game. It is a new feature that the US Powerball officials added back in the third quarter of 2021. 

Surprisingly, the $10,000,000 prize money that went unclaimed was the first-ever top prize winner for the double play game. The winner of the $10,000,000 prize money was reported to be a resident of Maryland. The officials even released the store details where the ticket was purchased, for the purpose of creating awareness.

The ticket for the $10,000,000 prize money was purchased from Exxon Gas Station. The store is located on Rockville Pike, Rockville. Even the store ended up winning the $10,000 prize money for selling the $10,000,000 prize-winning ticket. 

According to the rules and regulations, the Maryland player had 182 days from the draw date to show up and claim his/her prize money. Unfortunately, the prize never turned up, and thus, it can no longer be claimed under any circumstances.

Other Winners from the Same Double-Play Draw

The second top prize money for the double-play draw is $500,000 and no player won it from the September 27 draw. The third prize money is $50,000 and one player ended up winning it. 

The same draw produced 37 winners of the $500 prize money for the fourth prize, followed by 50 players who won $500 each from the fifth prize money.

The double-play draws also produced 3,185 players who won $20 each, 11,847 players who won $10 each, and 29,679 players who won $7 each.

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