Enriqueta from Bellingham Wins $50,000 Playing US Powerball


If you think that only young people play lottery games and they are just a hoax, then you need to recheck the facts about lottery games again. The lottery games are as true as they get and they have been doing so much in order to help and shape the system alongside the governments.

The US Powerball has been playing the same role as the money it generates through ticket sales, it dedicates a portion of it towards charities. Even the news channels now talk about the authenticity of the lottery games such as the US Powerball, Mega Millions, and more.

If you still do not believe the lottery games to be true, check with Enriqueta Velasquez and she will tell how real it is, and she has $50,000 to prove that.

Who is Enriqueta Velasquez?

Enriqueta Velasquez is one of the most recent winners of the US Powerball lottery draws that took place and made her a rich woman. Despite being very old, Enriqueta Velasquez has proven to be a true fan of the US Powerball lottery.

Finally, her loyalty turned fruitful for her and she won tier-3 prize money from the game. Enriqueta Velasquez, who is now in her 70s, was extremely excited about the win, and she stated that she is going to visit her brother in Colombia.

She wanted to go see her brother whom she hadn’t met for 25 years but she could never save up the money to do it. Therefore, she put all her hopes into the US Powerball lottery and started playing the game. Turns out, she can do much more than meet her brother.

What did Enriqueta Velasquez Win?

Enriqueta Velasquez participated in the March 28 draw for the US Powerball game. The numbers drawn for the particular draw were 62-58-39-18-11, alongside 03, which was the Powerball number. The Power Play multiplier for the March 28 draw was X2 and had the double to double whatever the prize money the player would have won.

Surprisingly, Enriqueta’s ticket had 5 numbers that matched the numbers from the draw and they were 62-58-18-11 and 03. This meant she had won the tier-3 ($50,000)prizemoney from the March 28 draw.

Enriqueta Velasquez told the officials she never bothered the numbers and let the computer do the hard work on her behalf. She always purchases her tickets from Winco Foods, which is located at 300 East Bellis Fair Parkway, Bellingham.

Enriqueta told the officials that for now, the only thing on her mind is to pack her bags and go see her brother. She revealed that she intends to live at her birthplace for a long time before she decides to come back.

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