92-Year-Old US Powerball Enthusiast Wins $50,000


The US Powerball lottery is used to making announcements about the winners and their winning stories. So far, the US Powerball has made an infinite number of winning announcements, but there are some, that actually mean a lot of the lottery officials.

The officials have an enormous amount of respect for the participants who continue playing even when they have nothing for decades. They have the same kind of respect for the players who end up winning prizes, whether it is their first time playing the game.

However, it has an even higher amount of respect for the players who have a very emotional and sentimental purpose for continuing to play lottery games. People not only play the US Powerball because it offers them prizes, but also, because it ends up become a sentimental activity for them.

There are people who start playing lottery games to keep the memory of their loved ones alive who were fond of the US Powerball. While some do it to fulfill a promise that they have made with their friends or families.

Jamie Oliver Wins $50,000

This time, the US Powerball lottery has the story of Jamie Oliver from Millsboro, who has finally fulfilled the promise he had made with his friends.

Jamie Oliver is a 92-year-old resident from Millsboro who has played the US Powerball lottery for over a decade. You won’t believe that Jamie Oliver never wanted to participate in any lottery games, but he was forced by his friends to do it.

The last draw he participated in was the January 5 draw for the US Powerball game. The winning numbers for the draw were 46-33-14-06-25 and the Powerball number was 17. The ticket was purchased from Super G #2351. The particular store is located at 25939 Plaza Drive, Millsboro, Delaware.

Jamie matched four primary numbers plus the Powerball, winning the $50,000 prize money from the January 5 draw.

Why Jamie Kept Playing

Jamie told the officials he never played a lottery game but his best friends were always mad about them. They always played the US Powerball lottery and wanted him to participate as well.

However, Jamie always wanted them to stop playing. They finally agreed but on one condition. They decided they would if he played with them and they won regardless of the prize money.

This is when he tagged along and it was back in 2010 when they made the pact. Jamie told the officials that over the years, all of his friends passed away, and now, he was the only one remaining. He had no intentions of breaking the promise with his friends, so he kept playing, and finally, the day came when he fulfilled his promise.

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