Georgina Chapman from Middletown Wins $1,000,000 Playing Mega Millions


The Mega Millions officials are here with a big announcement about one of the latest tier-2 prize winners. The officials are really excited to share the winning details of the winner from Wisconsin. They are eager to share the winning details as well as the winning story of the tier-2 prize winner.

Georgina Chapman from Middletown

The player the Mega Millions officials are honoring is Georgina Chapman. Georgina hales from the city of Middletown in Wisconsin and she is 55-years of age. Despite her old age, she works in one of the call centers based in the city and provides professional support to the customers.

Georgina reportedly participated in the January 4, 2022 draw for the Mega Millions game. The winning numbers for the Mega Millions (January 4) draw were 22-21-16-06-04, and the Megaball number was 01. The Megaplier for the January 4 drawing was 3X, meaning any prize (except for jackpot) won would be triple, given the ticket had the Megaplier option.

Surprisingly, Georgina successfully matched the five primary numbers from the draw, missing out on the Megaball. She did not add the Megaplier option to her ticket, which resulted in her winning just the basic prize money of $1,000,000. Georgina had purchased her $1,000,000 prize-winning ticket from Cochran Liquors, which is based in Middleton.

How did Georgina Learn about her win?

Georgina got to know about the win from her husband who had been searching for her ticket ever since the draw took place. Georgina told the officials that she chooses her own numbers on the ticket, and that’s what she did for the January 4 draw.

Unfortunately, she ended up misplacing her ticket and prayed she would find it someday before the prize claim deadline ends. After searching for a long time, she had given up on the idea. But her husband continued the search and just recently, he found it inside their couch.

They did recheck the numbers to be on the safe side and clear out any confusion. For Georgina, it was a shocker she had won the prize, and finally, she had the opportunity of claiming it.

More Wins from January 4 (Mega Millions) Draw

The officials have revealed Georgina wasn’t the only player who won tier 2 prize money from the January 4 draw. Three more players from New York, Indiana, and Georgia also won $1,000,000 each from the respective draw.

Then there were 33 players who won tier 3 prize money from the January 4 draw and the list goes on. In Total there were total of 698,668 players who won $8,870,964 from the January 4 draw. The jackpot prize money for the January 4 draw was $253 million but it produced no winner.

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