Kenneth Foy from Florida Wins $1,000,000 Playing US Powerball


The US Powerball lottery is here with a major announcement about a lucky participant from Florida who has won a huge prize playing a March draw. The officials are very excited to reveal they have a very motivational story to share about the winner, who has won the prize after almost two decades of playing.

Let’s Welcome Kenneth Foy

The entire US Powerball lottery welcomes Kenneth Foy from Manatee County, Florida who has won the second-tiered prize playing the US Powerball. It is a phenomenal win by the 61-year-old player as well as a dream come true.

Kenneth Foy told the officials that he had been playing the US Powerball for almost 20 years but he never won single prize money. He was never able to meet the numbers from the draw to win even a single dime.

Still, he did not lose hope and continued participating in the US Powerball lottery games, hoping that one day would be his. Kenneth told the officials that initially when he started playing the US Powerball, it was just for fun. He had some extra cash and thought of using it on the game.

Although he purchased the ticket with no interest in the game, he realized that his curiosity grew more with time. By the time it was the draw day, he was sitting still in front of the television, losing his mind thinking that he may be one of the winners

It was the excitement that made him fall in love with the US Powerball game and since then, he continued playing the game. Even though none of the draws turned into a single win for him, Kenneth continued playing and finally, he won $1,000,000.

Kenneth’s Prize Comes from March 5 Draw

Kenneth had reportedly participated in the March 5, 2022 draw for the US Powerball game. The winning numbers drawn by the operator for the March 5 draw were 63-52-37-23-8 and the Powerball number was 13. The Power Play multiplier for the March 5 US Powerball draw was 2X.

Kenneth had purchased his $1,000,000 prize-winning ticket from Publix. The particular store is located at 11245 North U.S highway 301, Parrish.

Apart from the tier 2 prize winner, there were 480,936 players who won different prizes playing the game. These players won prizes by participating in the same US Powerball draw, and their total winnings were $5,359,419.

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