Orlando Gonzalez Jr. Finally Claims his $1,000,000 US Powerball Prize


Time to look at the winning story of Orlando Gonzalez Jr. who has written his name in the US Powerball records being a millionaire. The US Powerball team is glad to induct Orlando Gonzalez Jr. as one of the players who became a millionaire by participating in the US Powerball.

The officials are very thrilled to announce the winning details of Orlando Gonzalez Jr. to the entire US Powerball community. Another thing that the US Powerball officials have added about Orlando Gonzalez Jr. is that he won the prize from a January 2022 draw. Let us go through all the details that the US Powerball officials have shared about Orlando and his million-dollar win.

Some Information about Orlando

Orlando Gonzalez Jr. is a 45-year-old resident from Yonkers and he has been working as a products salesman for a long time. He revealed he had been working as a salesperson for over 2 decades. The reason for not changing his occupation was because he was making good money from it.

However, he always wanted to do more than that and add more things to his offerings. Orlando shared the idea of becoming a real estate agent as well, revealing that the money he has won will help him get there.

The money he has won from the draw will give him the push he always needed to take a leap and change his life forever.

Orlando’s $1,000,000 Prize Win

Orlando Gonzalez Jr. had participated in the January 10 draw for the US Powerball game. The winning numbers for the January 10 drawing were 27-21-18-17-14 and 9 was the Powerball number. The power play multiplier for the January 10 draw was 2x.

The Jackpot prize money for the January 10 draw was $26.8 million in annuity and the prize money in cash was worth $18.6 million.

Orlando successfully matched 14-17-18-21-27 from the draw, winning the tier 2 prize money ($1,000,000) from the draw.

Orlando revealed he had selected the numbers through the “Quick Pick” option and did not have the Power Play option. This is the reason his prize money wasn’t multiplied and he ended up winning just the basic prize money.

In the case of matching even the Powerball number, Orlando could have been the only winner of the $26.8 million prize money from the draw.

Orlando had purchased his $1,000,000 prize-winning ticket from 7 Days Gas & Food Mart. The particular store is located at 400 Pelham Road, New Rochelle.

Orlando wasn’t the only winner of the $1,000,000 prize money from the January 10 draw. There were 2 more players who won $1,000,000 each and 1 player won $2,000,000 from the same tier.

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