US Powerball Officials Looking for $150,000 Prize Winner from Martinsburg


The US Powerball officials are here with another major announcement about one of the lottery winners from the month of March. The officials are very excited but worried about the winner at the same time because he is yet to come up and claim his prize money.

The lottery officials are always looking forward to meeting the winners of the prizes. Most of the time, the players make their appearance within a week or two of winning, and claim their prize money.

However, it’s been almost a month but the player still hasn’t made an appearance to claim his prize. Therefore, the US Powerball officials are making an attempt from their end to reach out to the winner or people who may have an idea about the potential winner.

It is time to go through the draw details plus the information available for the winner’s whereabouts.

March 7 Draw for US Powerball

The US Powerball officials have confirmed that the particular player participated in the US Powerball draw that took place on March 7, 2022. The winning numbers for the March 7 draw were 67-59-55-43-10. Apart from the primary numbers, the Powerball number for the March 7 draw was 2. The Power Play multiplier for the March 7 drawing was 3X.

From the draw, the winner successfully matched 4 primary numbers (67-59-43-10) plus the Powerball number to win the $50,000 prize money. Surprisingly, the player had the Power Play option added to the ticket that tripling the prize money to $150,000.

According to the lottery officials, the $150,000 prize winner is from Martinsburg. The ticket had been purchased from Sheetz Store #220. The particular store is located at Edwin Miller Boulevard, Martinsburg.

The lottery officials are now anxious to get a hold of the winner and hand over the $150,000 prize to him or her. The player has 180 days from the time of the draw to show up and claim the prize money. If not, the prize money would expire and will be distributed for charitable causes.

More Information about the March 7 Draw

The jackpot prize money for the March 7 draw was $90.5 million in the form of annuity and $62 million in cash. Unfortunately, the March 7 draw did not see any player become the winner of the jackpot prize money.

There weren’t even any players who won the tier-2 ($1,000,000) prize money from the March 7 draw. Still, the draw did manage to produce a total of 229,674 winners, who claimed different prizes from the respective draw starting from tier 3 to tier 9.

The particular draw has given out $2,055,083 worth of prizes in total to the mentioned number of players, which also includes the $150,000 prize winner.

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