Chad Richardson from Bainbridge Island wins $40,000 Playing Mega Millions


The Mega Millions lottery officials are here to end the boredom you may have for not hearing exciting news from the lottery world lately. This time, the Mega Millions are here to talk about a lucky player who has not won the top or the second top prize money. However, the player has won a prize money many lottery games offer as their top prizes.

The Mega Millions game without a doubt is the largest lottery game in the entire world, as it has offered several millions of dollars to the lucky winners over the course of time. Apart from the million-dollar prizes, the Mega Millions game has also given out huge prizes in total to the lottery participants. Mega Millions is proudly among the lottery games that can claim to have given out several billion dollars in prizes to the entire lottery community so far.

As always, the officials are determined to honor every participant and especially, the ones who even win the lowest tiered prize money playing the game. This time, the Mega Millions officials are honoring Chad Richardson, who is a resident from Bainbridge Island.

Chad, a 45-year-old construction worker has finally received a huge bonus in his life, which he may not forget for the rest of his life. The player has received the bonus for staying loyal to the Mega Millions game. Despite all the letdowns, Chad continued participating in every draw for the Mega Millions game, and he finally made it to the winners’ list.

It was one of the draws played in February of 2022 that resulted in Chad winning one of the high-tiered prizes for the Mega Millions game. The officials have revealed that it was the February 4, 2022 draw that Chad won the prize money from.

Chad revealed that as always, he went for the “Quick Pick” option, where he didn’t have to go through the trouble of choosing the numbers manually. He also revealed that he has never forgotten to upgrade his ticket by adding the Megaplier option to the ticket. Fortunately, it was the Megaplier option that helped turn his small prize money into a not so small prize.

The winning numbers for the February 4 Mega Million draw were 61-44-34-16-7, while the Mega Ball number was 24. The Megaplier for the particular draw was 4X, which meant Chad’s prize would be multiplied four times if he matched a prize tier. As the results came out, Chad won prize money worth $10,000, but the Megaplier multiplied it four times, bringing it up to $40,000.

Chad Richardson had purchased his ticket from Walt’s Lynnwood Center Market. The particular store is located at 4759 Lynwood Center Road Northeast, Bainbridge Island.

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