February 23rd Draw for Cash4Life Produces $1,000 a Day for Life Winner


If you were getting bored with no exciting update from the lottery world, then rest assured, as Cash4Life is here to keep you motivated. The Cash4Life officials are here not only to talk about the top prize winner of the February 23 draw. The Cash4Life officials are also here to honor the rest of the winners from the same draw.

It is a common practice of any lottery game to only talk about the top prize winners. They honor them by sharing details of their win as well as sharing their plans. This time, the Cash4Life officials have decided to do things in a different manner.

Instead of talking about just the top prize winner, the Cash4Life officials are going to share the winning details of all the plucky players.

The Cash4Life officials have shared the details of the winners in descending order, so it is the tier 1 prize winner that comes on top of the list.

The tier 1 reward from the Cash4Life game translates to $1,000 a day for life, which means that the player gets to receive $365,000 in an entire year. According to the rule, the players winning the top prize can either receive their prize on a daily basis, which is $1,000 per day.

The players can keep receiving $1,000 per day for a minimum of 20 years, making it $365,000 per year, and $7,000,000 in 20-years. If the players want to go for a one-time lump sum, they can request accordingly and receive their $7,000,000 prize money after tax deductions.

The winning numbers for the February 23, Cash4Life draw were 53-46-40-36-27 and the Cash Ball number was 3. The player matched all the numbers to win the top prize money, but the officials still await an appearance from the winner.

For now, the Cash4Life officials know the player is from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. The officials only know that the player purchased the ticket from Berkeley Convenience Store. The store is located at Plainfield Avenue, Berkeley Heights.

Unfortunately, the particular draw wasn’t able to produce the second top prize winner, which is $1,000 a week for life.

Apart from tier 1 and tier 2 prizes, there were over half a million players who won different prizes from the Cash4Life draw.

The reward for tier 3 is $2,500 and there were 7 players who managed to win it. Tier 4 representing $500 recorded 8 winners, followed by 280 tier 5 ($100) winners. Tier 6 recorded 831 winners winning $25 each, followed by 5,392 winners for tier 7, each winning $10.

Lastly, there was tier 8 that produced 14,916 winners, each winning $4, followed by 38,243 tier 9 winners, each winning $2.

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