Clover Couple Wins $1 Million on South Carolina Jumbo Bucks Scratch-off-ticket


You know what they say when the odds of something happening are really low, it is like winning a lottery. While the odds are low it is certainly not impossible and the latest winner of $1 million from South Carolina proves this.

In South Carolina, Gloria Walls and Gary Daniel from Clover are the winners of the $1 million. The lucky winning ticket was sold at a grocery store in Gastonia.

The amount was won from a Jumbo Bucks scratch-off-ticket that was purchased for $10 from a supermarket on Robinwood Road, Harris Teeter.

The lottery amount was claimed from the lottery headquarters by the winning couple. While claiming they had the choice between lump-sum and yearly equal payments spread over 20 years. The one-time lump would leave the couple with a whopping $600,000 while the annuity option will ensure they get the entire $1 million. With the annuity option, the couple would have gotten twenty payments of $50,000 each year.

Like is with many winners, this couple too chose the one-time $600,000 amount. This means that the couple either collectively took $424,502 home or $212,251, each after all state and federal tax deductions.

According to Walls when he scratches the numbers on the ticket he was just speechless as tears started streaming down his face.

The couple’s initial reaction to the windfall was shocked and that still remains the case as they remain in denial. Such a big lottery win is not easy to digest especially when you are least expecting. There are so many things that you are not able to do in life due to financial constraints. One day a lottery solves all that so of course the feeling of winning it is unreal.

As Daniel and Walls remain in a state of shock they say that they still cannot believe that they’re able to win the lottery.

Some months prior to this current win of theirs the couple had thought that they had won it big. Walls recalled that they had won $500 almost two months back and that was a big win for them at that time. Little did they know at that time that a few months after the $500 would not double, triple but multiply by two thousand.

If $500 made them so ecstatic, one can only imagine what impact $1 million must have had on them.

There is a lot they can do with $1 million especially since they took home the lump-sum amount. However, they should take their time to think before spending the windfall. In haste, winners tend to make the wrong choices which end up with them losing all that they have gained.

Jumbo Bucks have seven out of eight $1million top prizes that wait to be won by players.

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