Florida Lottery Helps Orange County win a Million Playing Scratch-Off Game


One of the top state-run lottery operators in the United States, Florida Lottery is here with exciting news of a huge prize win. As always, the Florida Lottery is bringing in a huge story of a lucky player becoming a millionaire playing one of its top games.

The Florida Lottery team has confirmed that the name of the player is Erica Reyes who is a 37-year-old woman from Apopka. As per the lottery officials, Erica had participated in the $5 Gold Rush Supreme game, which landed her a huge win.

The $5 Gold Rush Supreme is one of the top lottery games offered by the Florida Lottery operator and it belongs to the scratch-off gaming family. This means that Erica did not wait for the draw to take place and she bought the ticket and scratched her way to a huge prize.

The officials have confirmed that the ticket Erica had purchased won her a $1,000,000 prize money. After purchasing the ticket and confirming her win, she successfully delivered the ticket to the Florida Lottery officials. She did it by securing her million-dollar prize-winning scratch-off ticket at the Orlando District Office’s dropbox.

As part of the procedure, Erica was offered two options and she could go with either one of them to claim her prize money. The first option was to opt for the annuity prize money, where Erica would receive a portion of the prize on an annual basis. The annual installment plan would go on for around 20 to 30 years until the entire amount would be paid in the fall.

On the other hand, Erica could proceed with a one-time lump sum payment, where she would receive all the money in a single go. Just like the majority of the lottery prizewinners, Erica went with the second option and took home a one-time lump sum amount.

The officials have confirmed that after federal and state tax deductions, Erica was able to take home a whopping $880,000.

The Florida Lottery team has also confirmed the store details where Erica had purchased her lucky million dollars prize-winning scratch-card ticket from.

The name of the particular store is Liquor Master Discount Liquor, a place that Erica pays a visit almost every week with her husband or her friends.

The particular Liquor Master store is located at 901 East Semoran Boulevard, Apopka. The store is also entitled for receiving a $2,000 bonus commission for helping Erica becoming a millionaire.

Erica is now among some of the blessed lottery players from Orange County who have become millionaires playing Florida Lottery’s scratch-card games.

Erica has informed the officials she plans on going on a trip with her family and spends some quality time with them. The pandemic has taken a huge toll on everyone’s physical and mental health so a trip to the Bahamas and Hawaii is in order.

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