The Lotterywest In Search of 3 Players Who Won $1.4 Million Each


As always, the Lotterywest is here to make another exciting announcement regarding lucky lottery players winning huge prizes. However, this time, the situation is a bit different as instead of announcing the handouts of the wins, the officials are asking the winners to show up.

This is not something that happens at Lotterywest on a common basis but this problem is found among lottery operators all over the world.

There are many lottery operators in South America, North America, and even Europe that have a particular page dedicated to unclaimed prizes that the players can view to check if any prize is due to claim.

In most cases, just one player does not show up to claim their prize or two which is considered unusual. However, this time, the Lotterywest has confirmed there are three different winners.

The officials have confirmed that the prize money each player has won is $1.4 million, so altogether the amount would be $4.2 million that is currently waiting to be claimed by someone.

The Lotterywest team has confirmed that each ticket has managed to win the division one prize money of $1.4 million for the particular draw. The team also confirmed that the particular game giving such high-valued prizes to the players is known as “Saturday Lotto”.

The players had reportedly participated in the Saturday Lotto draw that was held on Saturday, April 3, 2021.

With an aim to create awareness throughout the country, the officials have shared the names and addresses of the stores, which allowed users to win high-value prizes.

The Lotterywest team has confirmed that the players had purchased division one prize-winning tickets from stores that were Hilton Plaza Newsagency, The Lucky Charm News Noranda, and Warwick Grove Lottery Centre and News.

Even the executives from Lotterywest are eager for the million-dollar prizewinners to turn up and claim their rightful wins. They have urged all Lotterywest players who participated in the third of April draw to check their tickets.

As none of the winners has shown up to claim their prize, then there are still three winners among the players. The executives have requested the particular stores to also start encouraging their regular lottery players to check their tickets, as they could also be the winners.

The lottery officials have requested the prizewinners to show up and claim their prize money from the headquarters of Lotterywest.

This is not the first time that players have not shown up to claim their monies. There are several instances where the prizes expired after waiting for the required amount of time but no one showed up to claim them.

By sharing the store details or all available information, the Lotterywest team hopes that the winners would turn up to claim their wins.

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