Diane Avery from Everett Wins $520,000 Playing Hit5


As always, the Hit5 team is here to excite you and share with you one of the largest wins for the month of October. Although it took the officials more than a month to announce the winner they have a reason behind that.

For now, the officials are glad that the player has won over half a million playing the game and has finally shown up to claim his rightful winning amount.

The Hit5 officials are one of the major draw games that are played throughout the United States. However, the Hit5 game originated from Washington, US. This is the reason why the game has a tremendous following and participation.

Players from all over Washington as well the United States participate in the game. The most exciting aspect of the Hit5 game is the number of chances it gives you per week. In a single week, you can play the game almost every day.

Every single draw held by the Hit5 game is full of opportunities and you can even win life-changing prizes playing the game. Diane Avery visited the Hit5 headquarters to share the same kind of feelings and experience.

Diane Avery successfully won prize money worth $520,000, but she sure did work hard to win it. She had been playing the game since she turned 21. The first ticket she got for the Hit5 game was actually a gift from a friend of hers who always played the Hit5 game.

Luckily, she ended up winning a few hundred bucks from her first-ever ticket. This motivated her to a point where she decided that she would continue playing the game forever. Diane Avery, now 25, revealed that she has continued playing the game for as many draws as possible.

She never lost hope in the game and even when the pandemic hit and she ended up losing her job for a while, she did not stop playing it. She continued playing the game and lowered the number of tickets she purchased for the game per week.

Once she got a new job, she started purchasing and playing the game the same old way. Finally, her efforts and dedication came to fruition when she ended up winning prize money worth $520k.

Diane Avery revealed that she is going to give a huge surprise to her same friend who had gifted her the first ticket for Hit5. For Diane, it was a life-changing birthday and she is never going to forget it. She is going to make it a huge memory by gifting her friend a new car for his birthday.

Diane purchases her tickets regularly from Olivia Park Chevron. The store is located at 10220 Evergreen Way, Everett.

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