EuroMillions Winner Collects £138,000 after Six Weeks of Buying Ticket

Hailing from Lancashire, one lucky winner has come forward for claiming a whopping prize in the EuroMillions lottery worth £138,000. The draw had occurred on December 3rd, but the winner took six weeks to approach Camelot for claiming their prize. Two weeks after the draw had occurred, a message was issued by the National Lottery for urging all players in the Flyde coast area to check their lottery tickets 

The winner who claimed the £138,000 prize had been able to match the five main numbers drawn and one Lucky Star number. The five winning numbers were 21, 22, 29, 32 and 46, while the 9 and 10 were the Lucky Star numbers. The lucky winner had time till June 1st for claiming their prize. Now, an individual has stepped forward from the Wyre borough, which includes Kirkham and St Annes, with claims of having the winning ticket.

The ticket will first be validated before the prize money is paid out and the winner will have the chance to decide if they want to go public with their winnings or keep them private. The senior winners’ advisor at Camelot, Andy Carter said that this was amazing news for the ticket holder, who had claimed their prize. He added that they would now offer their support to the ticket holder throughout the process. 

All National Lottery draws give players about 180 days after the day of the draw to claim their prize in case they have a winning ticket. Players can also use the National Lottery App to play and they will be notified automatically if they win. In case they choose to play the traditional way, they can scan their ticket on the app to see if it is a winning ticket or not. 

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