Emmanuel Sumigcay from Norfolk Wins $100,000 Playing US Powerball


If you think you are bored and need something interesting to entertain you, then you need to keep reading this announcement. The US Powerball officials are here to turn your boredom into entertainment by announcing Emmanuel Sumigcay’s win.

The officials are honoring Emmanuel Sumigcay as he is among the winners who turned up to claim his reward, and he was absolutely fine with letting his identity publicized.

Emmanuel Sumigcay from Norfolk

The officials are glad to announce that Emmanuel is among the $100,000 lottery prize winners from one of the February draws for the US Powerball. Emmanuel is a proud resident from Norfolk who has been participating in the US Powerball for almost a couple of years.

There are many people in the United States who have been participating in the US Powerball for decades but haven’t won a single prize. However, Emmanuel has won one of the top-tiered prizes in the second year of participating in the US Powerball.

Emmanuel revealed that he purchases his lottery tickets online and it is his weekly practice. He always participates in the Saturday draws for the US Powerball, and he is glad he stuck with his choice.

He also revealed that he always works late shifts on Saturdays and checks his ticket early Sunday morning to check his win. This time, when he checked his ticket, he was speechless as he had won $100,000 from the draw.

US Powerball Draw that Won Emmanuel his $100,000 Prize

Emmanuel had participated in the February 5, 2022 draw for the US Powerball that took place on Saturday. The winning numbers for the February 5 draw were 61-39-27-16-5 and the Powerball number was 24. The Power Play multiplier for the February 5 US Powerball draw was 2X.

Emmanuel’s ticket matched four primary numbers and the Powerball number, winning him the $100,000, as the 2X Power Play option his ticket also kicked in.

Emmanuel revealed that he has been doing overtime for several years because he wants to have the best retirement possible. He wants to enjoy everything in his old age and the money he has been saving up was already enough for him.

Now, as he has won huge prize money, he is going to buy himself a new Ford truck and roam around the country. Emmanuel stated that his retirement fun just got upgraded with the $100,000 prize money.

Other Winners from the February 5 US Powerball draw

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any player who won the jackpot prize money ($137 million) for the February 5 draw. Only one player from the February 5 draw emerged as the winner of the second-tier, and bagged $2,000,000, after Power Play.

Surprisingly, there were 9 players who won $50,000 each and 4 players apart from Emmanuel who won $100,000 each from the February 5 draw.

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