New York Lottery Players from Liberty and Bardonia Win $40,394.5


The New York lottery officials are back with a major announcement including two winners from different cities in the state of New York. As always, the New York lottery is back with more than one winner that they want to honor in their announcement.

The officials are sharing the winning details of the players as well as the overall results of the respective lottery draws. The New York lottery is known for hosting several lottery games but this time, the officials are talking about the winners from the Take 5 game.

$19,587 Prize Winner from Liberty

The team has announced that the name of the Liberty player is Patrick Bateman. The player had purchased the Take 5 lottery ticket for the March 9 draw, scheduled to take place midday.

The winning numbers drawn by the Take 5 officials for the March 9 (midday) draw were 36-34-32-27-11. The winner matched all five numbers from the March 9 draw to win the tier-1 prize money, bringing in $19,587 or Patrick Bateman.

Patrick collected his prize money from the New York lottery head office on March 15, 2022. While at the headquarters, Patrick confirmed he had purchased his $19,587 prize-winning ticket from Liberty Quick Mart. The particular mart is located at 341 North Main Street, Liberty.

Apart from the top winner, the March 9 draw produced 58 winners for $506 each, 2,245 for $21.50 each, and 23,143 winners for Free Play. From the March 9 draw, 2,304 players won $97,181 in total.

$20,807.50 Prize Winner from Bardonia

The name of the Take 5 participant from Bardonia is Richard Harris. Richard had purchased his Take 5 ticket for the March 10, 2022 draw that took place midday.

The winning numbers for the March 10 draw for the Take 5 game were 32-26-18-9-1. Richard matched the criteria for winning the tier-1 prize money and took home the top prize. The top prize money for the March 10 (midday) draw was $20,807.50.

Richard had visited the headquarters for the New York lottery on March 12, 2022, to collect his prize money. While at the headquarters, Richard confirmed he had purchased his March 10, 2022 ticket from Foodmart USA. The particular store is located at 61 Bardonia Road, Bardonia.

The March 10 draw also produced several other players who won different prizes. 84 players reportedly won $371.50 each, 2,391 players reportedly won $21.50 each, and 27,420 players won Free Play. From the March 10 (midday) draw, 2,476 players won $103,420 in total.

The New York lottery will soon be back with more winning announcements to increase your excitement level and boost your lottery playing confidence. Stay tuned for more and keep playing lottery games until you turn out to be a successful player.

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