Hugo Juliao from Miami-Dade County wins $1,000 A Day for Life Playing Cash4Life


The Cash4Life officials are back and as always, they have one of the biggest announcements to make in the entire lottery industry. Cash4Life has been considered as one of the most difficult games to play and win.

The top prize money for the Cash4Life is extremely difficult to win but there are still players who do win huge prizes. The Cash4Life game is like other major games, which pay out prizes worth a million or more to the top prize winners.

Most of the time, the Cash4Life game is only able to produce second-tier prize winners, but this announcement is special. Because this time, the officials are announcing the top prize win claimed by a player from Florida.

Top Prize Winner from Miami-Dade County

The Cash4Life lottery officials have confirmed that the name of the winner is Hugo Juliao. Hugo Juliao is a resident from Miami-Dade County who participated in the February 21, 2022 draw for the Cash4Life game.

The winning numbers for the February 21, 2022 draw were 58-54-42-40-4 and the Cash ball for the same draw was 3. Or a player to win the top tier prize money, they need to match all the numbers from the draw.

Hugo Juliao managed to do the same and it helped him win the top prize money from the February 21, draw. The top prize money for the Cash4Life game is “$1,000 a Day for Life”.

Hugo Juliao had the option of receiving $1,000 on a daily basis, making it $365,000 for an entire year. Hugo would have continued receiving $1,000 for the next 20-years, which would mean he could have received $7,300,000 in the particular period.

Otherwise, Huge could opt for the one-time lump prize money. Going with this option meant he could receive $7,000,000 as a one-time lump sum prize money, which would be exclusive of taxes. Hugo went for the latter and took home prize money worth $7,000,000 exclusive of taxes.

Huge Juliao had purchased his top-tier prize money winning ticket from Publix. The particular branch of Publix is located at Southwest 8th Street, Miami. The store is also eligible for a $10,000 bonus commission, which the store has earned for selling the top prize-winning ticket.

Lower Tiered Prize Wins from February 21 Draw

Apart from the top tier win, there were 59,491 more players who won prizes from the February 21 draw for Cash4Life. Altogether, the 59,491 players managed to win a total of $258,032 from the particular draw.

The second-tier produced 0 winners, the third-tier produced 5 winners, the fourth-tier produced 16 winners, and the fifth tier produced 283 winners.

Furthermore, the sixth-tier produced 822 winners, the seventh-tier produced 5,184 winners, the eighth-tier produced 15,240 winners, and the ninth-tier produced 37,941 winners.

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