Finally, $20 Million Prize Money for Oz Lotto Gets Claimed by Family


The Oz Lotto team is glad to announce that it has finally gotten hold of the lucky family that had won huge prize money. The officials have revealed that they had been waiting for the lucky winner to show up and claim their prize money.

As per the lottery officials, the prize money had been unclaimed for quite some time. The officials have confirmed that the particular lottery had been unclaimed for more than three weeks. The Oz Lotto team had started worrying about the player not coming up to claim the prize.

Finally, the player showed up with his entire family to claim the prize money. The officials have confirmed that the lucky family winning the large prize money was from Golden Square. The lucky family managed to win prize money worth $20 million.

According to the Oz Lotto officials, the player had gone for the Oz Lotto draw that was held on Tuesday, July 6, 2021. The officials revealed that the particular draw the player went for was draw number 1429. The lucky family has reportedly won division one prize money playing the Oz Lotto game.

The division one prize money for the particular draw was worth $20 million. Luckily for the family, there was only one division one prize money for the particular draw that produced a $20 million win.

The main worry for the Oz Lotto officials was that even after several weeks, the prize money was unregistered on the portal. This meant that the winner of the prize money was yet to realize they had won prize money.

Despite checking the data several times, the lottery officials were not seeing any registry being made for the particular division one prize winner. Therefore, the lottery officials were keeping their fingers crossed that the winner would finally contact one day. But they hoped that the winner does it before the prize money expires.

The only information the officials had was the name of the store where the lucky ticket had been purchased from. The particular store that sold the lucky $20 million prize-winning ticket was Golden Square Newsagency. The particular store is located at 303 High Street, Golden Square.

The only meaning that could be made from this information was that the person winning the ticket would be from the particular area. Turns out, the assumption made by the lottery officials was correct as the person winning the ticket came from Golden Square.

Finally, the winner made contact, revealing that he alongside his entire family had purchased the ticket to see how it goes. However, they completely forgot about it and when they realized it, they checked the ticket and found out about the win. The family was very excited about the win and stated that they would be buying a new house where everyone gets his/her own room.

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