Findochty Grandad Wins £30K in Postcode Lottery


Hailing from Findochty, a grandfather of two, who also chairs a local charity, stated that he felt ‘tickety-boo’ after he discovered that he had scooped up a massive prize of £90,000, all because of his postcode. 63-year-old James Bremner had a very pleasant and fun prize in store for him, along with two of his neighbors. Each of them picked up a cheque of £30,000 when their postcode, AB56 4QA, was selected last Thursday as a winner of the People’s Postcode Lottery draw. 

James had retired earlier this year from his job as a chef and he received a video call from Danyl Johnson, the ambassador for the People’s Postcode Lottery, who informed him of his winnings. When he saw the cheque, the winner said that it made him feel ‘tickety-boo’. He said that he had won £10 a couple of weeks ago and thought that it was going to be it for this year. Therefore, he was really shocked at this because it was certainly not expected. He added that it had simply blown him away and his blood pressure was also a bit up.

As he has recently retired, James said that the win meant a lot because he wanted to be able to spend more time with his wife, Barbara, and his family. He added that even though he wouldn’t be able to do much at this time, they wanted to travel for a while once the COVID-19 pandemic dies down. He said that this sort of money would help him in securing a lot of treats, which was just terrific. His son is already giving him some ideas about how to spend his windfall. James said that he enjoyed salmon fishing and he and his son spend two weeks every year to the River Spey. 

His son told his father that he needs a new rod and James said that he would let his son pick one. James plays an active role in the local community and also serves as chairman of Findochty Men’s Shed. This is a community space where people participate in conversation and craftwork. James stated that since he was a chef, he wasn’t really good with his hands, but he was a good listener and could sit and listen to anyone who wants to talk, which could mean a lot to some people. 

He added that due to the pandemic, they were not able to meet currently, but were working behind the scenes. He said they had started with just six people last year and now they have a total of 34 members. He was asked about how he would spend his winnings and he said that they would just celebrate as a family. Since they look after the grandkids, his daughter is allowed to visit, but his son would have to do a takeaway. The other winners preferred to remain anonymous, but they will receive their winnings in their bank account. The People’s Postcode Lottery costs just £10 to play and gives guaranteed winners every day.

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