A Mistake Leads a Man of Dearborn Heights to Win Not One But Two US$ 1 Million Lotteries


Chances of winning a million-dollar are almost to none. But what if the same person wins not one but two – $1 Million prizes at once in one draw alone?

Believe it or not but this has happened. And it has happened with a man from Dearborn Heights. The story of the man is also interesting because as he accidentally had made a mistake. But his little mistake led him to win two 1 Million dollar prizes in the lottery. The man won not one but two prizes of one million dollars from the 9th June draw of Michigan Lottery.

This luckiest man is 56 years old, a resident of Dearborn Heights, and goes by the name, Samir Mazahem.

He told the press that he was browsing the internet and a lottery add blooming on his laptop screen. Somehow he decided to buy two tickets from the website of Michigan Lottery. He told further that he selected numbers of lottery tickets depending upon the birthdays’ numbers belonging to his family members.

Mazahem further told that he somehow forgot to save his selected numbers. He went back to his computer to mark them as “favorites” in the lottery app. He then paid for the tickets and marked them in the “favorites”. Thereafter he left with the intention that he will try his luck with them may be in the future.

However, what he did wrong was that he had bought two tickets with identical numbers. Till he found out, it was too late. He could only repent on what blunder mistake he had done, told Mazahem. However, he hadn’t thought slightly of him winning any prize. In fact, he did not pay much attention to the tickets.

But to his utter surprise and shock, his lottery number wasn’t the single prize win for a million dollars. In fact, it was for two consecutive wins for US$ 1 Million each. He told that he wouldn’t have come to know of him winning lottery if he hadn’t logged into his account.

Mazahem also told that it took him days to regain his senses and believe that he had actually won the prize. He then went straight to the office of Michigan Lottery located in Lansing to claim his US$ 2 Million prize.

In his interview with the press, he stated that he would like to make good use of his prize money. As per his initial plans, Mazahem wants to buy a not too big not too small house and a car. The remainder he plans to keep in deposits and a portion he wants to invest in a lucrative business.

Michigan Lottery is a famous lottery amongst US citizens. Since its launch, it has offered billions of dollars worth of prizes to thousands of lucky individuals. Anyone interested in buying lottery tickets can purchase tickets online by logging in at the website of Michigan Lottery.

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