Powerball’s Jackpot Goes Unclaimed in Saturday’s Draw


Last Saturday was the day of the lottery draw in which The Powerball jackpot’s price rose to US$ 102 Million. A winner would have taken home an amount of US$ 80.7 Million in cash.


The lottery draw took place on Saturday as usual and the winning numbers for The Powerball jackpot were 18, 20, 27, 45 & 65. For hitting Powerball a winner was required to match at least 6 numbers. For Power Play though, a lucky winner was required to have at least 2x matching numbers. However, to date, no one has come forward to claim the prize.


Earlier on Wednesday, another draw took place. However, the results of that draw were surprising because no one in the US was lucky enough to win the lottery. The jackpot price was approximately US$ 91 Million.


Only one person came near the US$ 1Million price because he had 5 numbers matching but it required at least 6.


It was also told by officials of the lottery that a lottery ticket was purchased from a food market located in Hazlet. This ticket had four matching numbers and had the Powerball option. A further US$ 1 was paid for in an effort to hit the Power Play. But again no one was that lucky.


In Wednesday’s draw, the lucky numbers were 1, 3, 13, 44, and 56. In addition, 26 was for the Powerball and 3X was required to win the Power Play.


Powerball is an overwhelmingly popular lottery that is available for play in 45 states of America. The lottery is also available for Washington DC, Puerto Rico as well as the Virgin Islands. The draw of the lottery takes place every Wednesday and Saturday.

For some reason, the lottery had shut down its office in the state of New Jersey. However, in the month of September, the closed down office had resumed its operations again. Any lucky winner who is a winner of a price of more than US$ 600 can visit the office by obtaining pre-appointment. However, any price less than US$ 599.50 can be claimed at the counter of any retailer of the respective state.

Due to the severe Covid-19 crisis, many winners were unable to claim their prize money. However, in order to facilitate such winners, the expiry date was of claiming the prize money was extended. Now the new expiry date is set as 16th November, 2020.


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