Set For Life UK Lotto Announces Results of 26th October Draw


No doubt that the shortest way of earning handsome money is through trying your luck in a lottery. But winning a lottery isn’t a child’s play. It requires sheer luck.

It is said that the chances of winning a lottery are 1 out of 10 million. The other way around to explain the chances of winning a lottery is 10 million against 1.

However, the fact is that on daily basis draws of lotteries take place all over the world. Winners are declared, prizes are announced and winners do take huge piles of monies at homes.

One such interesting lottery exceptionally popular across the British people is UK’s Set For Life.

It is a game which only costs £1.50 per line and its draw takes place twice a week. Usually, the draw is taken out on Monday and Thursday every week. It is a quite popular game amongst the British because the prize money it offers is not only outstanding but long-lasting.

The rules of Set For Life lottery are very simple. A person who has bought a ticket will need to choose 5 numbers ranging from figures 1 to 47. A person can select yet another number between figures 1 to 10 for trying his luck for hitting the jackpot. The jackpot in Set For Life is called “Life Ball”.

There are three main types of money rewards. The top prize is Life Ball i.e. £10,000 per month and the winner receives £10,000 every month for next 30 years. The second prize money is of the same amount. The only difference however is that the winner will receive £10,000 every month for one year alone. Then there is a third prize in which players who successfully match at least 2 numbers are given £5 each.

If one calculates £10,000 every month for the next 30 years, this means an amount of £3.6 Million max. Similarly the money for the second prize comes to £120,000. Interestingly both are remarkable amounts of monies.

The Set For Life UK lottery yesterday announced the lucky number which is 17, 29, 32, 33, 38.  For the Life Ball jackpot the number is 3. The jackpot and other prizes are waiting to be claimed by the lucky winner.

So get your ticket now and see if you are the lucky winner.

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