Four Lucky Players Playing Lotterywest Win $10 Million in Total


Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any interesting in the lottery industry, the Lotterywest is here to shock you. The officials from the Lotterywest are very excited about the latest winning announcement, as several players have won huge prizes.

The lottery team at the Lotterywest is glad to reveal that they are going to talk about the winning of four lucky players. These players are now among the multi-millionaires in Australia that have made their fortune through lottery games.

The officials have revealed that the lucky players are from different parts of Australia and all of them have won division 1 prizes playing the game.

The team has confirmed that the division 1 prize money for the game was $10 million. If there was only 1 winner of the division 1 prize, then he/she would have taken the entire $10 million amount. However, as there were four lucky winners from the Saturday night draw, they would be taking $2.5 million each.

This way, the players get to share their fortune with others and sharing happiness. This is a phenomenal win and a remarkable thing for the Lotterywest officials.

Among the four division 1 winners, there was 1 winner from the Western Australian region of the country. The Western Australian region is known for producing many division 1 players and it continues with its trend even in the year 2021.

According to stats, the recent division 1 win marks the 51st division 1 win that has been produced from the Western Australian region in the year 2021.

The lottery officials from the Western Australian region are really excited about the latest win. They are delighted to know that almost every draw tends to create a millionaire from the Western Australian region. This is something that motivates other WA players who then participate and continue playing with the Lotterywest.

In the majority of the cases where a player wins a million-dollar prize in WA, they always talk about supporting their family. Therefore, it is always an honor for the lottery officials to give away prize money in a particular region.

The particular draw has turned out to be a remarkable week for the entire lottery sector in Australia. This is because several division 2 players have also been produced in the particular draw. There were a total of 26 division 2 prize winners in the particular draw.

Altogether, a total of 234,331 players have managed to win prizes from the particular draw, which goes to show how much the participation level in the game is. While the division 1 players collected $2.5 million each, the division 2 players reportedly collected around $10,000 each.

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