Instant Bingo Multiplier Player from Brampton Wins $250,000


The Instant Bingo Multiplier officials are glad to reveal the story of a Brampton player who has won $250,000. This is a phenomenal win claimed by a player playing one of the top instant scratch card games. The player is now among the wealthiest lottery players who have played the Instant Bingo Multiplier game and have won huge prize money.

The officials have confirmed that the name of the winner is Travis Jackson who is a resident of Brampton. The player has won prize money worth $250,000 playing game number 3075 for the Instant Bingo Multiplayer.

The player informed the officials that he is 34-years-old and has been working as an electrician for a very long time. He revealed that since childhood, his entire family lived in a very tight financial environment. Therefore, he wasn’t able to complete his studies and is not a graduate at present.

However, he always wanted to study, but the family pressure and financial situation did not allow him to do what he wanted to do in terms of education.

He revealed that he started working as a full-time electrician with his father since he turned 16. Since then he had been working as an electrician with his father. Then his father passed away in 2015 and the pressure built over him even more. He had his brothers and sisters he had to take care of.

He didn’t even realize when he fell in love, got married, and had a son that he had to take care of. Due to his financial conditions, his wife left him and even their child behind. Since then, he had been very depressed but tried to keep himself occupied with different kinds of activities.

Jackson revealed that playing the lottery games was one of the ways to keep himself busy. However, he did not know that his dedication and all that he has done for his family would one day be paid off in such a way.

The player stated that he had no idea that he was going to win something this big. However, now that he has the money, he is going to make sure that every single penny he has won, counts. The first thing he is going to do is pay off his house mortgage, so they have a property of their own.

That will be one of the major responsibilities he had over himself that would be off his shoulders now. The next thing he is going to do is expand his business and get some workers with him. Going forward, he is going to continue his studies and get a degree in electrical engineering.

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