Grandmother Who Won EuroMillionsfor ’10 Minutes’ Has Hopes Dashed


After she was told that she had won a prize in the EuroMillions lottery, a 72-year old grandma was really excited. Therefore, she was devastated when she discovered that it was not true and had to go back to her moldy and damp flat in London.

Margaret De Michelihad always dreamt of owning a house by the sea and her husband retiring from work. When a shopkeeper handed her a slip to confirm that she had gotten a prize in the EuroMillions draw conducted on March 29thand she was over the moon. After all, the prize was around £34 million.

A Better Life Ahead

She had already begun to fantasize a better life for herself when a local Tesco told her to check the numbers once more. That is when the National Lottery confirmed that it was nothing but a mistake and she had not won a prize. She said that she had been gutted to learn that it was a mistake and was taken by surprise.

The pensioner was only a winner for 10 minutes and said that she hadn’t expected to have won millions; she thought she had raked in around £25,000 or something. She went on to say that she had hoped that her 78-year old hard-working husband would finally be able to retire. Margaret said that he works as a traffic warden and needs to wake up at 3:30 am. She said that it was really tough for the couple and they wanted to move out of their flat.

She Won’t End Playing Lottery

But, the almost-winner said that there was really no point in crying over it and has moved on. She said that she would continue to play the EuroMillions lottery because she believes she will win some day.

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