Son of EuroMillions Winner Charged with Assault


Dolores McNamara is a EuroMillions lottery winner and her farmer son has been charged with assault. This charge is because of an alleged incident that occurred last August at the Ennis Mart. 43-year-old Gary McNamara, hailing from RuanManor in Limerick, has been charged with minor assault in Ennis District Court.

The farmer also has a breach of peace charge that was filed against him on August 17th by Ennis Mart. Mr. McNamara was born in Limerick and he owns substantial lands in east Clare where he farms. The case details that Mr. McNamara assaulted a man named Bernard Earley on August 17th at Ennis Mart last year, which is a violation of the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person.

Separate summons has also been made against Mr. McNamara for the use of insulting, abusive and threatening words or engaging in this kind of behavior, as this is considered breaching the peace. This is a violation of the Public Order Act.

DaraghHassett, the lawyer for Mr. McNamara informed Judge Mary Larkin that the case does not meet the criteria for legal aid. He also said that disclosure of documentation be provided by the gardai for the case, which would include any witness statements of the incident in question. The procedural hearing of the case was brief and there was no discussion of Mr. McNamara’s connection to the EuroMillions winner, Dolores. Back in August 2005, Dolores had won a prize of €115 million in the EuroMillions lottery.

Responding to Mr. Hassett’s request, Sergeant Aiden Lonerganstated that they would provide the documentation the solicitor had requested. He further added that the case could be adjourned to 14th September by which time Mr. Hassett would have to inform the court if his client wants to plead guilty, or contest the case.

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