Man from North East wins EuroMillions Lottery


A EuroMillions lottery ticket that was bought in the North East turned out to be a winner. The draw was conducted on May 20th, Friday and the lucky punter was able to match the five numbers in the draw successfully, along with a Lucky Star number. His ticket was verified by the company and it turns out that he will be taking home a grand prize worth £165,376.40.

The only thing known about the winner is that he is from Cleveland and chose to be identified as Mr. R. He has become one of the 8 million players who have won in the range of games organized by The National Lottery. The winners are given the opportunity to decide if they want to share their names or not.

In this case, Mr. R has chosen to share a couple of details but wants to keep his identity private for the most part. The winner disclosed that he was going to use his winnings to pay off the mortgage he has. The National Lottery’s Andy Carter said that the news was a brilliant one for Mr. R, as he had gotten such a fantastic prize. The Senior Winners’ advisor said that the lucky man could now be mortgage-free and live a dream life, thanks to his prize.

Participating in the National Lottery games means that £30 million is generated by the players every week, which is meant for projects and charities funded by the National Lottery. It can offer support to a local charity, or other causes as well. The National Lottery Good Causes has raised and distributed about £45 billion so far via 660,000 individual grants.

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