Powerball Jackpot Increases to $243 Million


The Powerball jackpot did not have a winner for the seventh week in a row. The grand prize for the drawing on Saturday, June 11th, had been $229 million and the cash option had been valued at about $132.3 million. The next draw for the Powerball lottery is now scheduled for Monday, June 13thand the jackpot has now increased to a whopping $243 million. The cash option for this draw would be around $138.9 million.

On Saturday, the winning numbers of the Powerball draw were 18, 20, 26, 53, and 69. 5 was the Powerball number and there was a 2X Power Play. Even though no one took home the jackpot in the draw, there were other winners in the draw.

According to the official website of Powerball, players in Texas and Tennessee were able to match five numbers and this allowed them to win prizes worth $1 million.

The last Powerball draw that had had a jackpot winner was conducted back on April 28th. A player from Arizona had managed to take home a prize of $473.1 million and the cash option for the said prize was around $283.3 million. Even though the current jackpot continues growing as there is no winner, it is still nowhere close to the highest jackpot seen in the lottery on January 2016. This prize had a value of about $1.586 billion.

There are three drawings of the Powerball lottery conducted every week, which are on Monday, Wednesday and then Saturday. The jackpot of the Powerball lottery is similar to that of Mega Millions. The latter’s draw is scheduled for Thursday and its jackpot is around $247 million and the cash option is valued at $140.6 million.

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